Climb Olympic

Climb Olympic


Film title: Climb Olympic
Director: Marcin Jamkowski
Producer: Olga Pakina
Versions: 52’
Film format: 4K
Project status: Development
Start of principal photography: June 2018
Delivery date: January 2020

Climb Olympic is a documentary film by Marcin Jamkowski, writer, photographer and documentary filmmaker specialized in covering expeditions, exploration and popular-science topics who is dedicated rock climber and scuba diver.

The  film will show the story of the group of international climbers who prepare themselves for the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020 when the rock climbing will be recognized for the first time as a discipline. Even more surprising is the decision made by the International Olympic Committee to create an artificial discipline of “climbing triathlon”. Rock climbers will compete in the combo of bouldering, sport and speed climbing. There are no climbers nowadays who do them all. So we will follow them in their physical training. We will see incredible things they are doing to defeat gravity with the strength of their fingers. The viewers follow them outdoors when they enjoy the very roots of climbing and are confronted with the community of climbers that very often are pretty free spirits. The authors will also talk to the masters of this craft such as – Tomasz Oleksy, Edyta Ropek, Yuji Hirayama, Reinhold Messner,Wojciech Kurtyka, Ola Taistra, Chris Sharma, Ashima Shiraishi, Maciej Ciesielski, Thomas Bach, Adam Ondra to know their opinion on the revolutionary change which Olympic brings to the tradition of rock climbing.


Climbing mountains used to be a unique mixture of exploration, romanticism, art and a state of mind in which one is ready to sacrifice himself. All it came with a strong flavor of strength – both mental and physical. Now it’s going to change forever. In this film climbing will be use as a metaphor of the modern society. How we exploit something wild, something spontaneous and extravagant and squeeze it in the marketing-made categories. At the same time film will show that money, fame and recognizability brought by the Olympic Games can help young athletes to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams. Of course it comes with a price. This conflict will be exploited by film makers. They also ask experts to put protagonists actions into the bigger picture and bigger story of conquering mountains by mankind.


Shooting locations: Poland, Japan, Spain, Greece, France, Italy