Wild City

Wild City


Film title: Wild City
Director: Krystian Matysek
Producer: Olga Pakina
Versions: 80 min theatrical, 3×45’ (or 52’) TV series
Film format: 4K
Project status: Development
Start of principal photography: June 2018
Delivery date: December 2019

Wild City is a creative documentary film by a multi-award winning director and cinematographer Krystian Matysek. Film is following life of animals living in the cities and focusing on how they live within human society and their encounters and relations with the people. It is a current global view at the state of the modern world of animals close to humans and within urban environment and perhaps a prophetic look at what will remain in one, two hundred years. The storytelling is balancing on the edge of two worlds: the human community and wildlife. The collision of two worlds, necessity of sharing the living space between humans and animals is a field for observation of the behaviour of both animals and humans. How does the behaviour of animals living near human beings change? How are they perceived by the people? Can a man be willing to share his living space with it’s once indigenous inhabitants? And how does aItude towards urban wildlife look in different cultures?


The idea of the film is to raise an ecological awareness among the people living in the cities. To raise a reflection where we drove the animals in the modern world, what their place is and whether they
still have their place on this planet. Through attracting attention and observation of how the animals deal with living in the cities, the film will try to increase peoples sensibility towards the current general existential conditions of the animals on our planet.

Main version of the film is a theatrical version 80’. Without VO, commentary, based on action, emotions and impression.

Second version is a TV series, 3×45’ (or 52’),  enriched by interesting commentary.

Shooting locations: Poland, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Germany, Japan, Nepal.